About us

We pride ourselves for 20 years of existing and also on our business success in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina but also in the regional market. Our accomplishments are the result of our adept experience and ongoing efforts to offer new solutions in the field of production and application of polyethylene packaging.

Peplast company products are high quality, price-eligible and created to the needs of customers for many solutions in different areas of packaging. We also provide technical support to our customers in the application of the new generation of polyethylene packaging and fulfilling of their needs.

Since its founding date until today, the company Peplast has recorded increase in its production due to the constant modernization of its products. Along with our own experience and expertise and with more than 50 employees in Peplast company, we continuously improve the quality and range of 7 groups of products which puts our company into the list of leading manufacturers in the region . With annual production of about 3000 tons, we can successfully keep pace with other competitors in the region.